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Making sure you all received this....

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Subject: Integrated Travel Manager (ITM) Newsflash - System Retirement Date

*Integrated Travel Manager (ITM) News Flash - System Retirement Date

*This message is going out to all current Integrated Travel Manager users.*

The purpose of this message is to provide guidance for completing trips
within NOAA’s Integrated Travel Manager (ITM) system and retaining records
before the system is retired on July 31, 2017.

*Travel Vouchers*

Employees will have until *11:00pm ET July 31, 2017*, to process Travel
Vouchers (TV) against Travel Authorizations (TA) that were approved and
data linked in ITM prior to the transition to the new E2 Solutions travel
system.  Reports will be provided to Line/Staff Office travel preparers to
assist with identifying un-submitted TVs in ITM.  If your Line/Staff Office
does not receive a Report then there are no outstanding TVs and no action
is required. Employees are strongly encouraged to abide by Federal Travel
Regulation §301-52.7, which requires travel claims to be submitted within
five (5) working days after travel is completed; or every 30 days if you
are in continuous travel status.  TVs must be *created* and *approved*
by *11:00pm
ET, July 31, 2017* in order to be data linked in to the financial system
for reimbursement.

After 11:00pm ET July 31, 2017, TAs that have been “approved” and data
linked in ITM but not vouchered against will require a manual CD-370 to be
completed and submitted to your servicing Finance Office along with
supporting documentation in order to receive reimbursement.

*Travel Record Retention*

ITM is scheduled to retire at *11:00pm ET July 31, 2017*. Line/Staff
Offices are highly encouraged to maintain oversight of, and compliance
with, their respective Travel Record Retention policies.  Once ITM is
retired on July 31, 2017, users will no longer have access to these
documents.  To obtain specific Travel Record Retention policies for ITM
visit the NOAA Travel Policy Office website located at


If you have any questions, please contact the NOAA Client Services Help
Desk on 301-444-3400 <(301)%20444-3400>, Option 2 or via email at
clientservices at noaa.gov. Normal hours of operation are 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
ET, Monday through Friday.

*Please do not respond to this email. All responses to this email will be
automatically deleted upon receipt.*

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