[Ncep.list.grouptravel] still waiting for AMS group travel approval

Genene Fisher - NOAA Federal genene.fisher at noaa.gov
Wed Jan 4 16:53:40 UTC 2017


I have received several questions about the AMS group travel. Please note
it has not been approved yet. I know the early registration deadline is
today, but federal employees are not allowed to register until the approval
goes through. If there is an extension to the early registration fee, I
will let you know.

Also, please note that since the conference registration fee includes the
cost of a meal, the employee’s Federal travel card must be used to pay the
registration fee.  (The purchase card should NOT be used).  Employees may
register for the conference only after the conference package is approved
by DOC.

A few reminders regarding your travel authorizations (this was sent out in
December from CFO):

   - Adjust M&IE allowance for travel days:  As required by the Federal
   Travel Regulation, please ensure that the M&IE allowance for the first and
   last days of your travel are set at 75% of the allowable M&IE.
   - Adjust M&IE allowance for meals:  A dinner will be served during the
   AMS Awards Banquet that be held on Wednesday, January 25th.  Also, a
   continental breakfast will be served on Thursday morning in the exhibit
   hall.  Since the cost of these two meals is included in the registration
   fee, the daily M&IE allowance for each day should be reduced as follows:
      - For the awards banquet dinner, each traveler’s M&IE should be
      reduced by $34.00 for that day per instructions on the GSA M&IE website.
      - For the Thursday morning breakfast, M&IE should be reduced by
   - In Travel Manager, travel preparers should identify the GSA travel
   code as "Non-Government Sponsored Conference."
   - If you are an NWS employee, please ensure that "PF2" is identified as
   the task code in the accounting string.

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