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Please ensure all of your Center's AMS actuals are noted in the spreadsheet.

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Carla Wallace - NOAA Federal <carla.wallace at noaa.gov> has invited you to
*edit* the following spreadsheet:
AMS 97th Annual Meeting - Seattle, WA
[image: Unknown profile photo]URGENT REQUEST

To All:

Your help is needed to get individuals that traveled to AMS in January, to
report their ACTUAL COSTS on this Google spreadsheet.

NOAA has selected this event for audit, and we are required to provide an
accounting of ACTUAL COSTS by this Friday.

To date, very few travelers or travel preparers have entered their ACTUAL

I'm asking you to forward this email to all travelers and travel preparers
involved in the AMS Conference.

Below are the instructions on how to input the ACTUAL COSTS on the Google

- Open the Google spreadsheet by clicking below "Open in Sheets" (if they
need permission, send an email to Carla Wallace).

- Look for the tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet marked "Conf Traveler
Estimate & Actual" and click on it.

- Locate the name of the traveler in column E, then scroll to the right to
the tan shaded area (starts in column AJ) to enter the ACTUAL COSTS. If a
traveler didn't attend, then enter "Did Not Attend" in column AJ.

Please have the travelers or traveler preparers to get this done by COB
today in order to meet our deadline by COB tomorrow.
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