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Genene Fisher - NOAA Federal genene.fisher at noaa.gov
Wed Apr 5 19:42:06 UTC 2017

Center Travel Preparers and Approvers:

The message below was sent to all Travel Manager users on March 23
highlighting the upcoming changes with the new E2 Travel System. NOAA will
transition to CWTSatoTravel’s E2travel system on May 22  and NOAA’s
Integrated Travel Manager (ITM) system will be retired on July 31. It is
essential that you take the training before May 22 (although it's
recommended you take it before May 5). Attached is a listing of basic and
advanced training being offered in April (both virtual and classroom). You
can register for all training on CLC.

I have also attached some talking points that you could use for any Center
all hands meetings.

Here are some Q&As I have received so far:

*1) What training do I really need to take?*

Travelers: Traveler/Arranger Basic
Preparers: Traveler/Travel Arranger Basic & Traveler/Travel Arranger
Reviewers/Approvers: Approver Basic (this also covers a lot of the material
in Traveler Basic)

The slides for these training sessions can also be found at:

*2) What if a traveler does not have 3 hours to take the basic training?*
I am working with CFO to develop a short training/handout that will explain
how travelers will sign their Travel Vouchers in E2.

*3) Will travelers have to make their own reservations? *
No. While travelers can book their own transportation and lodging in E2, we
are recommending that the Centers continue working through their travel
preparers to book travel arrangements.

*4) Will there be additional costs to E2?*
Yes. Attached is a listing of new E2 fees.

*5) After the training, what happens next?*

May 19: Client Services will send out emails with new Credentials User Ids
and temporary passwords

May 19-22*: *Receivers of New User emails have 72 hours to go in to E2
system and set a password and user profile


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Client Services Announcements <Client.ServicesII at noaa.gov>
Date: Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 3:46 PM
Subject: E2 Travel System Training Schedule April 2017
To: CBS TrainingServices <CBS.TrainingServices at noaa.gov>

*This message is going out to all current Integrated Travel Manager users.*

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will transition
to CWTSatoTravel’s E2travel system on May 22, 2017 and NOAA’s Integrated
Travel Manager (ITM) system will be retired on July 31, 2017. E2 is a
web-based end-to-end travel and expense management tool that offers a
convenient way to book travel reservations, create travel authorizations
(TAs), receive approvals, submit receipts and other supporting
documentation, and submit travel vouchers (TVs) for reimbursement.

Some E2 highlights include:

   - Online Booking Engine (similar to Travelocity or Expedia) for domestic
   and international airline, rail, hotel and car reservations;
   - "Travel for Others" feature, allows designated travel
   arrangers/preparers to make travel plans for other users;
   - Paperless Travel Authorization (TA) and Travel Voucher (TV) process,
   including automated approval routing with email notifications;
   - The ability to scan, route and attach receipts to the voucher
   - Faster travel reimbursement;
   - Enhanced, agency-wide reporting.

The initial round of NOAA E2 training is being provided by the vendor and
will be offered from February through May 2017 for all travel users.  All
training will be offered in a webinar format that allows users to take
training online with a live instructor from anywhere as well as hands-on
Instructor Led Training(ILT) training sessions here in the Washington, DC
metropolitan area.

The following courses will be offered:

   - Federal Traveler/Arranger Basic (Travelers, Preparers, FMC Travel
   - Federal Traveler/Arranger Advanced (Preparers, FMC Travel Coordinators)
   - Federal Supervisory Travel Approver (Approvers)

*Attached are the courses that will be offered in April 2017*.  We are
working on getting the finalized training dates for May into the Commerce
Learning Center (CLC).  When we do, another email will go out with that

We suggest that anyone who is going to be a traveler, preparing their own
travel, arranging travel for others, or approving travel attend the classes
that are being offered prior to May 22, 2017 .  If you have anyone that may
be new and not on our communication, feel free to share the email with them.

Registrations for all sessions will be via the Commerce Learning Center
(CLC) https://doc.csod.com

For those new employees that do not have access or contractors who do not
have access, an email can be sent to cbs.trainingservices at noaa.gov stating
the class(es)/date(s) and time(s) they wish to attend and we will register
them outside of the CLC.

As training dates are finalized, schedules, webinar information and
training materials
will be posted to the E2 Travel Page:


For any questions concerning the training please contact
cbs.trainingservices at noaa.gov
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