[Ncep.list.grouptravel] ACTION: 41st Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop - SELECTED FOR AUDIT

Genene Fisher - NOAA Federal genene.fisher at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 9 15:56:47 UTC 2016

FYI, if you have employees who attended the 41st Annual Climate Diagnostics
and Prediction Workshop in Orono, ME, please see below regarding audit*.*


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Good Morning,

NOAA Finance has requested updated information regarding the actual
 expenditures for the *41st Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction
Workshop *that was held October 3-6 in Orono, ME. We require updates for
the NOAA Conference Costs Breakdown Spreadsheet with the actual amounts for
each traveler. The actual expenses for the travelers should reconcile with
their travel vouchers
​.  Please, when transferring amounts from the traveler's voucher to the
spreadsheet, be sure to put in the exact amount - *no estimated figures*.
We also ask that you put the correct amount in the correct column.  Please
note that only the airfare and the SATO transaction fee should go under
column H. * All other transportation fees, such as mileage, parking, metro,
bus, taxi or shuttle fees should go under column L.  *

*Fees such as check baggage fees, ATM fees, poster and material fees,
laundry, etc should go under the "other costs" column - column N.*

For additional expenses which are not on travel vouchers, provide copies of
contracts or invoices.  Proof of payment, such as a receipt or credit card
statement must be provided for *all* registration fees and the method of
payment must be made clear. If your registration was paid for using a
government purchase card or the traveler's gov't travel card,* we require a
copy of the invoice*.

For any registration fees which are not paid using a purchase card,
the traveler
must provide a justification of why the purchase card was not used. If a
traveler provides a personal credit card statement or cancelled check as
proof of payment for registration fees, they must redact their personal
financial account information (account number, credit card number, etc).

If your traveler did not attend, please type "Did not attend" in column P
under "Explanation of other costs".  If your traveler was approved to
attend after the package was approved or if they swapped with another
traveler, please indicate that in the same column and add your new traveler
at the bottom.

Please provide this information by *as soon as possible*.  You may access
the google spreadsheet here
If you cannot provide the requested information, please let me know so that
I may relay that information to NOAA Finance.

I also ask that you please be careful not to erase the row below or above
your traveler.  Access to the spreadsheet will be granted upon request.

Thank you,
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