[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] Reminder about global-workflow wiki for running the FV3GFS

Kate Friedman - NOAA Federal Kate.Friedman at noaa.gov
Mon Oct 28 14:06:46 UTC 2019


A friendly reminder about the global-workflow wiki (currently in VLab
Redmine) and the information it contains:


Main wiki topics:

   - current status of the global-workflow HEAD
   - general information on the components of the FV3GFS and their
   - FV3GFS system job sequence and job purposes
   - HPC environmental settings for successful runs
   - how-to section for setting up FV3GFS experiments with rocoto
      - how to clone, build, link FV3GFS system
      - how to prepare initial conditions
      - how to run setup scripts to prepare an experiment
      - how to start your experiment
      - how to monitor your experiment
      - how to view experiment output
   - common errors, known issues, and their solutions

Let me know if you feel there is important information missing from the
wiki and I will work to fill it in. Also let me know if you have any
questions about the content of the wiki.


Kate Friedman
NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC Engineering and Implementation Branch
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