[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] global-workflow NEMS clone not working - hotfix inbound

Kate Friedman - NOAA Federal Kate.Friedman at noaa.gov
Thu Aug 8 20:18:26 UTC 2019


Anyone cloning and building a fresh copy of the global-workflow repository
is likely experiencing a checkout error for the NEMS repository under the
NEMSfv3gfs app (sorc/fv3gfs.fd/NEMS folder). The various repositories are
ok but the checkout commands in checkout.sh need a fix now that the NEMS
repo is on GitHub. The "--recursive" flag in the NEMSfv3gfs clone command
should not be there and needs to get removed. The "--recursive" flag in the
git submodule update command is necessary and correct.

 10     git clone *--recursive* gerrit:NEMSfv3gfs fv3gfs.fd >>
${topdir}/checkout-fv3gfs.log 2>&1
 11     cd fv3gfs.fd
 12     git checkout nemsfv3gfs_beta_v1.0.18
 13     git submodule update --init *--recursive*

Line 10 should be:

10     git clone gerrit:NEMSfv3gfs fv3gfs.fd >>
${topdir}/checkout-fv3gfs.log 2>&1

Anyone cloning the global-workflow is advised to make the small fix
themselves in sorc/checkout.sh while I work on committing a hotfix to the
needed branches/tags and on-disk copies. Stay tuned for announcements about
that. Clones already checked out and built are fine, this is just for new

Thank you to Ratko Vasic for his quick help in finding the cause of the

Kate Friedman
NOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC Engineering and Implementation Branch
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