[Ncep.list.fv3-announce] NEMSfv3gfs and FV3 git repository updates 20190401

Jun Wang - NOAA Federal jun.wang at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 1 16:08:57 UTC 2019

Dear all,

Following changes were committed to the NEMSfv3gfs and FV3 repositories:

Ticket #61047 <https://vlab.ncep.noaa.gov/redmine/issues/61047>: Merge FV3
chemistry development branch into master branch and two other fixes

The latest updates required to run the coupled NEMS app FV3GFS-GSDCHEM are
committed. The updates include:

1. Introduced the capability to generate NGAC-consistent diagnostic output
for atmospheric chemistry. The diagnostic values are imported from coupled
chemistry component via coupling fields.
2. Updated support for coupled chemistry component.
-Bug fix in m2_rain and m2_sol in GFDL microphysics subroutine
-Improved error checking and proper handling of error conditions from
ESMF/NUOPC logical functions.
-Proper initialization of coupled fields

This ticket also includes two code changes not directly related to
chemistry development:
1. Issue #60767 <https://vlab.ncep.noaa.gov/redmine/issues/60767> - bit for
bit in dump files for cap. The ESMFPP_RegridWrite(), implemented in
FV3/cpl/module_cap_cpl.F90, does not include settings for bitwise
reproducibility of regridded ESMF Fields. This is fixed by setting the
termorderflag flag to ESMF_TERMORDER_SRCSEQ to ensure bit-for-bit
2. Bug fix for diagnostic field dt3dt(i,k,7) and dt3dt(i,k,8) when ldiag3d
is turned on. (code changes are listed in #61047

Above code changes have no impact on current standalone NEMSfv3gfs
regression test baseline. Regression test passed on wcoss (phase1/2, cray
and dell), theia and gaea.


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