[Ncep.list.emc.npsr] Final report from UMAC meeting in August 2016

Andrew Ostapenko - NOAA Federal andrew.ostapenko at noaa.gov
Mon Nov 7 20:18:01 UTC 2016

Good Afternoon, All,

I am sending the following note on behalf of EMC Director Mike Farrar.






I wanted to pass along the final report of the UCACN Model Advisory
Committee (UMAC) from the August 2016 meeting; the link to the UMAC main
page and a direct link to the report are below.  Please pass along to any
SOOs or others you think will be interested.  The major summary findings
are in the first 5 pages, although there are some interesting points found
within the individual member comments that follow in the rest of the

Please note that there will be a session devoted to this at the upcoming
NCEP Production Suite Review (NSPR) in December, so the timing is good to
allow folks to come prepared to have a well-informed and production
discussion.  Regards,

Mike Farrar

Director, EMC

p.s. The final report from the August 2016 UMAC meeting is posted on the
UMAC's CoG website.


Here is the direct link to the .PDF


LCDR Andrew J. Ostapenko, NOAA

Executive Officer, Environmental Modeling Center


5830 University Research Court

College Park, MD 20740

301.683.3951 (office)

andrew.ostapenko at noaa.gov
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