[Ncep.list.emc.monsoondesk] Regarding the Snow-Rain conversion in CFS

Prajeesh A.G. prajeesh.cat at tropmet.res.in
Mon Oct 20 09:45:18 UTC 2014

I have a doubt regarding the snow-rain conversion in CFS. 
In the model, the total precipitation is considered as snow fall if the temperature at 850hpa is below 0C. 

See the below code from gbphys_v.f 
!  --- ...  lu: snow-rain detection is performed in land/sice module
!           factor=weighted mean tep.

      do i = 1, im
        tprcp(i) = rain(i)               ! clu: rain -> tprcp
        srflag(i) = 0.0                  ! clu: default srflag as 'rain'
        if ( t850(i) <= 273.16 ) then
          srflag(i) = 1.0                ! clu: set srflag to 'snow'


do i = 1, im
!       if ( t850(i)<=273.16 .and. slmsk(i)/=0.0 ) then
        if ( t850(i) <= 273.16 ) then
          lprec_cc(i) = 0.0
          snw_cc(i) = rain(i)
          lprec_cc(i) = rain(i)
          snw_cc(i) = 0.0
Here the 'srflag' is used in the sfc_drv (Land model) to detect whether the falling precipitation is snow or not. Similarly snw_cc goes to ocean model. 

My doubt is, where is the latent heat of fusion released during this conversion? 


Prajeesh A G 

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