[Ncep.list.emc.glopara-support] prep step issue

sim.aberson sim.aberson at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 21 10:05:10 EST 2011

I am having another issue with my parallel cycle - the prep step is 
bombing during the TC relocation.  At the end of my dayfile, I see

+ cp 
A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
+ err=1
+ [ 1 -ne 0 ]

/mtb/save/glopara/trunk/para/ush/tropcy_relocate_extrkr.sh failed
ABNORMAL EXIT!!!!!!!!!!!

There doesn't seem to be a trak.gdas.all.2011062200 file, but there is a 
gettrk.input.gdas.2011062200 in that directory.  I am not sure how to 
proceed given that the filename requested in the trunk script and teh 
filename in the actual directory does not agree.


Sim Aberson         AOML/Hurricane Research Division          Miami, FL
     "Hurricane states erect statues in my honor." -- David Sedaris

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