[Ncep.list.emc.glopara-support] stopping fcst2 step

Kate Howard kate.howard at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 18 10:40:23 EST 2010

  Actually...here is an example of such an if-statement for anyone 

The following initially sets fseg to 2 (two forecast segments) and then 
the following if-statement constrains the forecast to one segment when 
not running a 00z cycle:

   if [ $cycn -ne 00 ]; then fseg=1; fi         # for hurricane track, 
only 120-hr fcst is required
   if [ $cycn -ne 00 ]; then fmax1=126; fi

The 2nd if-statement gives an example of constraining the first segment 
to 126hrs.

Kate Howard
NCEP/EMC Global Branch

On 11/18/2010 10:25 AM, Kate Howard wrote:
>  Sim,
> What is your value for "fseg" set to? If you only need to run the 
> first forecast segment (fcst1) make sure to set fseg=1.
> Do you need the 2nd segment for any cycles? Or just the first segment 
> all the time? If you wanted to run the 2nd segment for any 
> circumstances you can setup an if-statement in your configuration 
> file. Reply just to me if you want more info on this.
> Kate Howard
> NCEP/EMC Global Branch
> On 11/18/2010 10:18 AM, sim.aberson wrote:
>> I am running the current operational system on vapor, but only need 
>> to run it to 168 h.  I am cutting off successfully at 168 h, but my 
>> job still submits a gfsfcst2 step that sits in the queue a long time 
>> and does nothing except waste resources (as far as I can tell).  What 
>> do I need to do to eliminate the gfsfcst2 step?
>> Thanks,
>> Sim
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