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#11: Cycling workflow.
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Comment (by rahul.mahajan@…):

 Replying to [comment:77 terry.mcguinness@…]:

 None of this is going to work. {{{Rocoto}}} has nothing to do with what
 you just copied over. The new directory structure and filenames are going
 to be brought in. It is not as simple as just copying chunks of script
 from {{{jobs}}} and {{{exp_fv3gfs}}} into {{{fv3gfs/jobs}}} and
 {{{fv3gfs/config}}} respectively and hence was not done till now.

 The highest priority, as has been stated several times, is to get the
 {{{VRFYFITS, VRFYG2OBS}}} working, which is where {{{Rocoto}}} and
 {{{Legacy PSUB}}} come in. The rest of the verification bits are run
 inline and have no job-submission dependencies.

 Here is a link to your document on the
 FV3GFSWorkflow] with priority ranking of sub-tasks within the verification
 task. Low number is highest priority.


 > r96060
 > Updated {{{../fv3gfs/jobs/vrfy.sh}}} script in the fv3gfs Rocoto
 > to include '''VRFYRAD''', '''VRFYOZN''', '''VRFYMINMON''',
 > from the Free Forecast workflow under {{{../jobs/vrfy.sh}}}[[br]][[br]]
 > The bulk of this logic is in
 {{{../fv3gfs/config/config.vrfy}}}[[br]]where the settings to turn these
 sections on or of are found:
 > {{{
 > # What we want turned ON/OFF
 > export VSDB_STEP1="YES"      # populate VSDB database (YES)
 > export VSDB_STEP2="NO"
 > export VRFYG2OBS="NO"        # Grid to observations
 > export VRFYFITS="NO"         # Fit to observations
 > export VRFYPRCP="YES"        # Precip threat scores
 > export VRFYMINMON="NO"       # GSI minimization monitoring
 > export VRFYRAD="NO"          # Radiance data assimilation monitoring
 > export VRFYOZN="NO"          # Ozone data assimilation monitoring
 > export VRFYTRAK="NO"         # Hurricane track forecasts
 > export VRFYGENESIS="NO"      # Cyclone genesis
 > export VRFYGMPK="NO"
 > }}}
 > '''NOTE:''' The script change itself has been tested but having any of
 various sections turned on[[br]]and then  confirmed under the '''Rocoto'''
 based fv3gfs DA cycling has not.
 > These changes are in the branch:

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