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#11: Cycling workflow.
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Comment (by terry.mcguinness@…):


 Updated {{{../fv3gfs/jobs/vrfy.sh}}} script in the fv3gfs Rocoto workflow
 to include '''VRFYRAD''', '''VRFYOZN''', '''VRFYMINMON''',
 from the Free Forecast workflow under {{{../jobs/vrfy.sh}}}[[br]][[br]]
 The bulk of this logic is in {{{../fv3gfs/config/config.vrfy}}}[[br]]where
 the settings to turn these sections on or of are found:
 # What we want turned ON/OFF
 export VSDB_STEP1="YES"      # populate VSDB database (YES)
 export VSDB_STEP2="NO"
 export VRFYG2OBS="NO"        # Grid to observations
 export VRFYFITS="NO"         # Fit to observations
 export VRFYPRCP="YES"        # Precip threat scores
 export VRFYMINMON="NO"       # GSI minimization monitoring
 export VRFYRAD="NO"          # Radiance data assimilation monitoring
 export VRFYOZN="NO"          # Ozone data assimilation monitoring
 export VRFYTRAK="NO"         # Hurricane track forecasts
 export VRFYGENESIS="NO"      # Cyclone genesis
 export VRFYGMPK="NO"
 '''NOTE:''' The script change itself has been tested but having any of
 various sections turned on[[br]]and then  confirmed under the '''Rocoto'''
 based fv3gfs DA cycling has not.

 These changes are in the branch:

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