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#11: Cycling workflow.
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Comment (by rahul.mahajan@…):

 '''r92759''' is the current revision of the branch
 [source:branches/Rahul.Mahajan/EXP-cyc EXP-cyc]

 Several fixes were put in place that were needed since the [source:trunk]
 merge at r92485. Major ones are listed below:
 * {{{FIX_FV3}}} is now staged and linked when the utilities are built.
 * {{{diag_table}}} uses IPD4 variables. {{{diag_table_cyc}}} is created
 and will be removed when we move to NEMSFV3
 * {{{global_chgres_driver.sh}}} is hard-wired for WCOSS paths and cannot
 be used for GDAS or for ensemble members. It is updated to handle ensemble
 members and made machine agnostic (as much as possible)
 * updated build scripts for {{{regrid_nemsio, calc_increment,
 fv3nc2nemsio}}}. It is not pretty, but functional and generic for 2
 machines. More machines can be added or made even more modular.
 * {{{fv3gfs.fd}}} building on theia was problematic. Wrong libraries were
 linked/expected. Fixed, tested and works.
 * Abstracted {{{shellvars.py}}} from {{{setup_workflow.py}}}, so it can be
 used elsewhere for e.g. in {{{setup_workflow_fcstonly.py}}}

 This branch is ready for [source:trunk] re-integration.

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