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Thu May 4 21:41:23 UTC 2017

#16: Updates for running  NEMS FV3GFS with IPD4 physics and NSST instead of
stand-alone FV3GFS
  Reporter:  fanglin.yang@…  |      Owner:  fanglin.yang
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Comment (by fanglin.yang@…):

 The branch created for this update is
 Listed below are the details of this update.

 1) The local sfcio library is removed. All utilities are now compiled with
 the standard sfcio module.

 D       ./fv3gfs/trunk/lib

 2) Renamed/added/updated gfs_downstream scripts for fv3.

 A       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/ush/fv3gfs_downstream_nems.sh
 A       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/ush/fv3gfs_dwn_nems.sh

 3) Updated pend and psub to handle changes in directory names  and file
 name convention.

 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/bin/pend
 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/bin/psub

 4) Updated configure files and forecast-only experiment preparation script
 to run the model with IPD4 and NSST

 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/config.fcst
 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/para_config
 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/config.post
 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/submit_fv3gfs.sh
 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/exp_fv3gfs/config.nsst

 5) Minor changes to a few job scripts related to COMROT, rmdir and

 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/jobs/arch.sh
 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/jobs/post.sh
 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/jobs/vrfy.sh
 M       ./gfs_workflow.v15.0.0/para/jobs/JGFS_POST.sh

 6)  EMC will move all repositories from svn to vlab. Large binary files
 are prohibited on vlab.  The ./global_shared.v15.0.0/fix directory
 contains predominantly prescribed fields in binary or grib format, and is
 about 44 GB in size. This entire directory has been removed from the
 repository.  Local copies of this directory are placed at:

 Luna and Surge: /gpfs/hps/emc/global/noscrub/emc.glopara/svn/fv3gfs/fix
 Theia: /scratch4/NCEPDEV/global/save/glopara/svn/fv3gfs/fix

 In the future,  when ./global_shared.v15.0.0/sorc/build_all.sh is executed
 to compile the source code, it will first make a soft link of the above
 fix directory to ./global_shared.v15.0.0/fix for the corresponding

 D       ./global_shared.v15.0.0/fix  (in total 624 files being removed)

 7) Update diag tables to match NEMS FV3GFS running with ipd4 and nsst

 M       ./global_shared.v15.0.0/parm/parm_fv3diag/variable_table.txt
 M       ./global_shared.v15.0.0/parm/parm_fv3diag/diag_table
 M       ./global_shared.v15.0.0/parm/parm_fv3diag/diag_table_no3d

 8)  Update to global_chgres.fd (by George Gayno, Xu Li and Fanglin Yang):
      a) in the trunk, nsst fields were written out in independent nsst
 files in nemsio format. They are now merged together with sfc fields and
 written out in netCDF format (Ticket #14).

     b) the vertical coordinate (ak,bk) were written in single precision in
 gfs_ctrl.nc. If the model is run in double precision, extra digits were
 added to (ak,bk) written out in RESTART files. This causes the model to be
 non-reproducible when stopped and resumed. (see fv3 ticket
 https://svnemc.ncep.noaa.gov/trac/fv3/ticket/15).  (ak,bk) are now written
 in double precision in gfs_ctrl.nc.

     c) CHGRES reads NEMS GFS analyses to create ICs for teh new NEMS
 FV3GFS. The variable name of land-sea mask written in NEMS GFS analyses
 was changed from slmsk to land in the middle of NEMS GFS retrospective
 experiments.  This causes CHGRES to fail for processing older runs. A new
 logic is added to global_chgres.fd/read_write.f90 to use nemsio_readrevc
 to detect the name of land-sea mask and converts slmsk to land if
 necessary. A new utility nst_mask_namchg.fd is also added to convert nsst
 analysis files.

  M      ./global_shared.v15.0.0/sorc/global_chgres.fd
  M     ./global_shared.v15.0.0/sorc/global_chgres.fd/read_write.f90
 A       ./global_shared.v15.0.0/sorc/nst_mask_namchg.fd/makefile.sh
 A       ./global_shared.v15.0.0/sorc/nst_mask_namchg.fd/Makefile
 A       ./global_shared.v15.0.0/sorc/nst_mask_namchg.fd

 (.... to be continued ....)

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