[WAM-IPE] WAM-IPE_NEMS201606 broken; should revert to last working version

Samuel Trahan - NOAA Affiliate samuel.trahan at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 8 00:01:30 UTC 2017

WAM-IPE developers,

The WAM-IPE_NEMS201606 branch of WAM-IPE no longer works, and recent
developments were not tested against the regression test system
(OldCompsetRun).  I strongly suggest we revert back to the last known
working version, circa February 28.  That is the version George is porting
to WCOSS.  The revert is reversible; we can get the developments back
trivially by an "svn merge" command.

We should wait to add other developments until:

1. Your core developers can access all relevant repositories (this should
take a week),
2. George has finished his WCOSS port (he is very close), and
3. You have a formal commit process.

Please let me know as soon as possible so I can revert the
WAM-IPE_NEMS201606 branch to a working state.

Sam Trahan
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