[WAM-IPE] WAM-IPE commit for the Phil and Houjun's IAU code and Houjun's F10.7 adjust for avoiding the zero F10.7 values.

Houjun Wang - NOAA Affiliate houjun.wang at noaa.gov
Mon Jun 12 19:33:01 UTC 2017

Thanks Weiyu for the expedient work.

Why didn't I receive any email on the commit recently?

Can George fix the trunk external for IPELIB ASAP? Thanks.

Houjun Wang

On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 1:22 PM, weiyu yang <weiyu.yang at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Hi, All,
> The Phil's and Houjun's IAU part code and Houjun's modified code to
> avoid zero number of the F10.7 observation data input was committed.
> It does only involve the WAM mocel part, nothing related to the IPE
> model part and the George's 2013 data regression tests part.  It passed
> the regression test with the original IPE compiled package, since right
> now the compiling of IPE failed.  The revisiopn number is 94278. and the
> GSM revision number is 94274.
> Best regards
> Weiyu
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