[WAM-IPE] Fwd: [RDHPCS#2017071054000096] New ticket: Disk quota exceeded

Houjun Wang - NOAA Affiliate houjun.wang at noaa.gov
Mon Jul 10 17:23:42 UTC 2017

Could you save some your runs to HPSS and clean up some if you can?

e.g., (stmp3)

Disk usage on the /scratch4 file system:
Disk usage:               101.49 TB
Soft Quota:                96.42 TB
Hard Quota:               101.50 TB
Use%:                     105.26%

UID     user                                    GB                 files
20101   emc.nemspara                      14343.04                354351
20155   Svetlana.Karol                    10209.85                239925
705     Xu.Li                              8026.36                 79759
707     Jun.Wang                           7655.93                125226
11809   glopara                            5058.81                112522
20121   Jeffrey.Duda                       4802.24                 26569
2394    Andrew.Collard                     4194.31                222428
40645   Catherine.Thomas                   3921.79                 22727
10800   Valery.Yudin                       3554.11                 97731

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Date: Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 11:10 AM
Subject: [RDHPCS#2017071054000096] New ticket: Disk quota exceeded
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Houjun Wang - NOAA Affiliate <houjun.wang at noaa.gov>,

Your request for assistance with the title below has been received.
Disk quota exceeded

It is currently being processed as ticket number 2017071054000096.

Your request will be assigned to a technician and addressed shortly.

Thank you,
Your RDHPCS Theia Team

Subject: Disk quota exceeded
This is for sudo user "swpc.spacepara"

copying file to


+ /bin/cp -p
ix_am/global_mtnvar.t62.192.94.f77 fort.24
/bin/cp: preserving times for ‘fort.24’: Disk quota exceeded

Do you have any idea? Thanks.

Houjun Wang


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