[WAM-IPE] Plot tec/nmf2 etc?

Houjun Wang - NOAA Affiliate houjun.wang at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 15 22:44:59 UTC 2017

George et al,

I have a few days runs on wcoss with "new" version of wam-ipe: trunk
wam and ipe r440:

IPELIB  -r440   https://github.com/SWPC-IPE/ipe/branches/development

This is with Naomi's He+ speed up (~1min/hour fcst speedup) and
George's new io files.

Since this is using George's new io file format, I can't use Naomi Idl
subroutines to do the plotting. We'll need this to help monitoring the

Would you let me know how would you plot tec/nmf2 now? Or would Tim
suggest someone to help on this?



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