[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Wed Sep 20, 2017

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Wed Sep 20 14:43:38 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


1. Update on noise/dropout problems with GOES-E satellite imagery:

- Monica Bozeman switched NHC to receive GOES-E satellite imagery from  
NESDIS instead of our local dishes late Monday. Please continue to monitor  
image quality and let TSB know if problems persist.

- Matt Sardi set up passwordless key access between the TAFB ops accounts  
and an N-AWIPS workstation running the RHEL 7 OS (with a properly threaded  
version of the Python Tcl/Tk module). TAFB Lead Forecaster Scott Stripling  
tested the 'goes' wrapper script, which ran successfully to completion.  
Forecasters will run 'goes' on the command line as usual to retrieve  
replacement satellite imagery.

2. Update on NHC security cameras, provided by William Martinez.

CCTV contractor visited the facility last night and found:

- Only camera not working properly is in the cul-de-sac on the SW side of  
the property (already known). A new camera has been ordered and should  
arrive today or tomorrow.

- The camera at the SE corner of the building is working well, technicians  
will re-examine it when they come to replace the cul-de-sac camera.

- There was a bad cable splitter in the computer room that was degrading  
the image on one of the ops TVs. The TV has been temporarily disabled until  
the splitter is replaced.

Other items:
1. Recon aircraft data ingest: 15 dropsonde/flight level reports in the  
vicinity of Hurricane Maria and 13 dropsonde/flight level reports in the  
vicinity of Hurricane Jose were ingested into the GFS model yesterday.

2. A GOES-15 yaw flip maneuver will be executed from 20:38Z to 21:23Z on  
Thursday, 9/21/2017. This is scheduled close to every equinox due to a  
sounder thermal blanket anomaly that causes high detector temperatures when  
the sun is on the same side as the sounder cooler. GOES-13 will be  
operational during the yaw flip and may be utilized instead of GOES-15.

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