[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Mon Sep 18, 2017

TSB Admin nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov
Mon Sep 18 18:03:25 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


Sunday updates:

1. TSB AWIPS II Sysadmin Chris Mello restored flow of storm-surge MEOW data  
into AWIPS2 GFE for Puerto Rico. Users have to select category of storm  
when running the GFE tool.

2. TSB resolved AWIPS II data ingest issue. Puerto Rico storm surge values  
currently set for a Cat 3 storm, can be viewed in D2D under the MOM and  
MEOW model names.
Sunday updates:

1. Slow performance of ATCF during Hurricane Jose due to large size of  
A-deck: Acting HSU Branch Chief Mike Brennan and TSB Developer Craig  
Mattocks repaired and reduced the size of the A-deck for Hurricane Jose,  
which had become corrupted. More work needed to streamline surgical  
tehcniques used on ATCF decks in these crisis situations.

2. SHIPS print out for Hurricane Jose: The 'Get SHIPS' icon on the ATCF  
workstations runs the ${HOME}/bounceships script, which prints the data  
that resides in the ${ATCFSHIPS} directory on atcfsvr1 (retrieved from  
WCOSS). For Hurricane Jose (stormID = al122017), SHIPS text files have been  
arriving 14 minutes to 2 hours after synoptic time during the past few  
days. TSB investigation continues.

3. Anu Simon assisted HSU in running the Targeting program to plan  
reconnaissance aircraft flight tracks.

4. Correction: HWRF and HMON (fully dynamic, primitive-equation,  
vortex-tracking) models now running on WCOSS in those 6 slots.
Other items:

RFC 250 - Automate Key Messages graphic generation: TBD, ASAP.
RFC 251 – Email staff when satellite image purge process fails, consuming  
disk space on NHC's NetApp: today.
RFC 252 - Update ATCF ftp scripts to use rsync instead of scp, improve  
logging: today.
RFC 3647 - New snapshot (backup) policy on NHC NetApp (network mounted  
storage) to remedy disk and CPU consumption: Wed, Sept 20.
RFC 3651 - Fix single points of failure for DNS and NTP services: Thu, Sept  
RFC 3669 - Hide files in gtcm directory of NHC's FTP site: tomorrow, Sept  
RFC 3674 - Allow WeatherPredict account access to opah VM to speed up FSSE:  
Wed, Sept 20.
RFC 3675 - Enable printer carmenrohp.nhc.noaa.gov to scan to email: Wed,  
Sept 20.
RFC 3729 - Update IRIS processing software to fix a bug where the  
expiration time of a watch/warning is set equal to its issue time, causing  
watch/warning to be immediately discarded. Logging of iNWS alert processing  
also updated: tomorrow, Sept 19.
RFC 3730 - Update IDP GIS software to fix TC watches/warnings so they  
appear on IDP GIS Tropical Cyclone Service: tomorrow, Sept 19.
RFC 3732 - Allow College Park VPN users to reach the NHC dashboard:  
tomorrow, Sept 19.
RFC 3684 – Video card upgrades (more VRAM, faster GPUs) for HSU N-AWIPS  
workstations used for long/high-resolution satellite loops: today.
RFC (upcoming) - Replace operational N-AWIPS workstations at NHC: Sept  
HSU: tilefish, sawfish
TAFB: ballyhoo, shiner
Add new workstations:
SSU: nhc-lw-fishbowl
Replace dev systems (completed):
nhc-lw-hfip1 - Matt Onderlinde workstation
nhc-lw-tele - Teleworker desktop

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