[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] [READ]: TSB Status

Pablo Santos pablo.santos at noaa.gov
Mon Sep 11 12:55:29 UTC 2017


We are now transitioning to normal schedule. The priority next couple of 
days is to give everyone a chance to check back home, get some rest, and 
then we pick things up after that.

Here are some highlights:

1) Pablo and Mark will be going home to check on things and probably 
will not be back in the office til Wednesday morning.

2) Chris Mello will do the same and will not be back at the office til 

3) Matt Sardi will be taking off after having flown here last Wednesday 
and worked mids ever since. He will come and work tomorrow regular 10 AM 
to 6 PM hours and fly back home on Wednesday.

4) Dave Z. will be on evening today, off tomorrow, and then start a 
string of HSU mid shifts.

5) Chris Landsea is on shift today and tomorrow.

6) Jamie and the SSU continues on SSU operations more probably for 
another day or so. Shannon will be supporting them overnight if needed. 
Jamie has her contact at WPC.

7) Monica will continue supporting back up at WPC until that ceases over 
the next day or so.

8) Matt Onderlinde will be doing morning rounds this week while on 
regular shifts except for time he might need to take to follow up on 
personal affairs. The same thing for Craig Mattocks.

9) Local NCO staff will be also following up on personal matters after 
the storm. Brian will be here during the week as he did not SIP.

That is it for now folks. We will have the TSB meeting on Wednesday.



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