[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Thu Oct 12, 2017

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Thu Oct 12 13:38:07 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- PS


1.) NCF called for Chris Mello regarding an open trouble ticket for  
negative contour lines not displaying in D2D. Told NCF Chris Mello was not  
in today. NCF will follow up later. Mello is on SL but will have him follow  
up on this as soon as he is back.

2.) CAM Running script to see if there are active NWPS runs still shows an  
active NWPS run for NH1 (Atlantic), even though the run was started at  
1313Z. It is now 1807Z - Pablo and Craig Mattocks looked at this yesterday  
afternoon and reset processes. This morning things were working as normal.

3.) The new Sea State program is working well. However, the output of the  
wave directions cannot be read because the arrows are too long. (The head  
of the arrow often can't be seen.) Suggest adjusting the program within  
N-AWIPS to shrink the arrows by, say, 25%, to allow the wave direction to  
be seen correctly - Matt Sardi will look into this.

4.) Did not see any altimeter data in AWIPS2 D2D when loading moving marine  
data - Will have Monica Bozeman look into this in absence of Mello.
1.) Weird wind speed probabilities on the web-- the 120 hour is in the  
total wrong place but the 108 hour ones look fine. Not sure what the issue  
could be. Might be a 0W issue again, even if forecast is still west of  

Speaking with Mike Brennan this morning it turns out the issue were with  
the prelim generated wind speed probabilities for the 03Z adv. The official  
one that eventually came out of WCOSS was fine. Matt Sardi will investigate  
Other items:

1.) ATCF Server 1 Memory Upgrade taking place today after 15Z advisory.

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