[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] [READ]: New Requirement for Escorting Contractors to the Computer Room

Pablo Santos - NOAA Federal pablo.santos at noaa.gov
Sat Oct 7 19:32:42 UTC 2017

*To NHC, Local NCO, and WFO Miami Staff:*

*An audit back in the Spring exposed the need for us to make sure persons
that do not work for NHC or the WFO in any capacity and are not identified
as having authorized access to the computer room need to be escorted when
they need to access it. In order to comply with this requirement, effective
immediately, we are formally establishing the following guidelines to be
followed by everyone (this has been coordinated through NCO)*

*1) Every time a contractor providing any kind of service to the building
and requiring access to the computer room comes in, it is required that
they not only sign in the regular building sign in sheet but also the sign
in sheet specific to the computer room. The security guards have custody of
said signing sheet. They need to do both, sign in and out.*

*2) The guard will then notify the proper escort to take them to the
computer room. If the contractor coming in is a facilities one, that escort
should be the FET William Martinez. If it is a NHC equipment issue it
should be one of the NCO locals (Doug Gaer, Brian Maher, Marc Laurent, or
Kim Gordon), and if WFO it should be WFO ET staff. The WFO ET staff is
willing to escort as well when NHC's NCO locals are not available. *

*3) Contractors can only come in and out of the building through the South
Door and through the Guard station. They can also only access the computer
room through the South/TAFB door unless they are with escort all the time
or are required to use any of the other doors because of the nature of the
work they are doing.*

*4) If the service is an emergency happening during off duty hours the
guard will escort them. If the guard is attending to other matters and
he/she cannot do so, it will be the purview of the TAFB Lead Forecaster to
designate someone to escort the contractor. If conditions are too busy
particularly during off duty hours and someone cannot be with the
contractor all the time, at the very least someone has to walk them into
the room and check on them frequently.**  Depending on the nature of the
call, the facilities technician or proper ITO staff can also be called to
work with the contractors. **Again the purview of the TAFB Lead
Forecaster **working
with the guard.*

*5) If the contractors visiting are regulars (like the electrician or the
AC contractors) who have been vetted and have dedicated access card, the
need to escort them is waived although the right contact should still be
notified as in number 2 or 4 above. *

*6) Only those employees with a valid code with access privilege to the
data center are allowed to either escort or access the computer room.*
*Your cooperation on this matter will be most appreciated.*


*Pablo Santos*
*Acting TSB Chief*

*WFO Miami: These guidelines have been placed in the WFO Miami Google Sites
Intranet Page*

*Matt Sardi: Please place these in the most proper section of the NHC WIKI
page as well.*

Dr. Pablo Santos
Acting Chief
Technology and Science Branch
National Hurricane Center, Miami, FL
(c) 954-559-4965
Facebook: *https://www.facebook.com/NWSNHC/
Twitter: @NWSNHC @NHC_Atlantic @NHC_Pacific  @NHC_TAFB  @NHC_Surge
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