[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Fri Oct 06, 2017

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Fri Oct 6 19:57:55 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
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1.) ATLANTIC Graphicast production on Ballyhoo resulted in a "smeared"  
graphic when sending to the web. This issue began on Oct 3rd. Matt Sardi/H  
Cobb isolated this to Ballyhoo being upgraded to RedHat 7. The Graphicast  
was re-saved and launched from Starfish successfully with no image issues.  
Forecasters - please note. Graphicast should be saved and sent from  
STARFISH on the ATLANTIC desk and GRUNT on the EAST PACIFIC desk. This  
issue is being raised to high levels at NCO on Tuesday. This requires an  
NAWIPS fix on REDH 7 or we will have to revert all machines to REDH 6 or  
live with creating these graphics in the older REDH 6 systems. More on this  
next week.

2.) NOAA P-3 providing significant wave height via WSRA (wide scanning  
radar altimeter data) for Nate from roughly 08Z to 16Z for the next couple  
of days. To access: Open a terminal session (on an ops workstation or other  
N-AWIPS box with access to the /nawips partition): setenv NCDESK  
/nawips/ncdesk/misc nmap2 Load: Data > New Source > Misc > SGWH The data  
are significant wave heights color coded along the flight track.
1.) Doug fixed mysterious GTWO launching issue on the Pacific side. It  
worked at 18z so maybe he succeeded. ASCAT vectors will not properly  
display in the new REDH 7 boxes. Doug reverted the ATLANTIC display  
workstation to REDH 6 for the time being until NCO can address this  
NAWIPS/OS issue.

2.) Some issues with creating the watch/warning graphic on ridges and  
hurrback. The vgf would not open on those computers. Dave Z. suggested that  
they might need to be rebooted. He will follow this up as well.
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