[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] [UPDATE]: ATCF and NAWIPS Workstations and Monitors Upgrade

Pablo Santos pablo.santos at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 4 13:16:15 UTC 2017


Doug Gaer and Brian Maher just completed the following upgrade (New 
Workstations all together)


in addition to adding a new back up ATCF workstation in place of where 
the old JHT workstation was located opposite the Atlantic desk:


*Additionally, they also upgraded the following NAWIPS workstations:

*tilefish (NAWIPS)**
**sawfish (NAWIPS)**
**ballyhoo (NAWIPS)**
**shiner (NAWIPS)**

and added a new one in the fish bowl for the SSU named:

They also upgraded the following workstations:

**nhc-lw-hfip1 *

used by the computer support group. All of these workstations were 
upgraded to RHEL7 working with NAWIPS which was a real challenge. The 
workstations are also now under configuration management making it much 
more manageable to push updates and patches from one central location. 
All operational workstations and servers are now monitored centrally by 
NCO's Big Brother system. So should there be any problems with them NCO 
and TSB would be notified.

It is important that every workstations is logged off at least once a 
day. We are not talking rebooting, that would actually trigger a flag in 
big brother, but just login off and on. If the system goes days in and 
out without you doing so it is not a surprise that they start having 
performance issues.

Last but not least, they are completing today replacement/upgrades of 
some of the monitors (14 total) in most of the operational workstations 
with higher resolution ones. As part of this upgrade Doug upgraded video 
cards in 12 of the workstations doubling in and in some cases 
quadrupling the video memory available in them which was originally only 
1 Gb. The new GOES 16 hi res data loops were bringing the workstations 
down to their knees because of this.

*Should you notice any lingering issues notify Doug Gaer immediately. He 
is still working with some lingering display issues but in typical Doug 
fashion he is on top of this.*

I want to thank Doug and Brian for working on this. Had it not been for 
the busy period we endured they would have completed this much sooner.


Dr. Pablo Santos
Acting Chief
Technology and Science Branch
National Hurricane Center, Miami, FL
(c) 954-559-4965
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