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Mark/Phil, do you know if we are already positioned to get the G14 feed of
G13 data when that switchover happens?



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> For those who have one or more GOES East GVAR antennas, am forwarding
this message (from Jim McNitt) about flowing GOES-13 GVAR data through
GOES-14 service-- as test/prep for December's GOES East transition. (Sorry
if this is a repeat for you.)
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> Subject: GOES-13 GVAR relay through GOES-14 GVAR exercise scheduled for
> To: <List>
> Team,
> OSPO is planning to relay GOES-13 GVAR through GOES-14 GVAR for an
8-hour-period on November 21, 2017, from 9 AM EST to 5 PM EST, to exercise
that capability and provide you an opportunity to conduct a checkout with
your GVAR antenna and receiver prior to December 7, 2017.
> If you plan to point to GOES-14 tomorrow and you have not notified me yet
then please let me know.
> Thanks!
> Jim
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agenda will be provided before the start of each meeting.
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