[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Mon Nov 13, 2017

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Mon Nov 13 17:43:22 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Matt S.


1. GFE High Seas Sprint Week - Jeff Lewitsky and Tom LeFebvre (GSD) will be  
working in TAFB all week during the day-shift on the GFE High Seas Tool /  
Text Formatter project. Chris Jacobson (HFO/CPHC) will join on Tuesday, and  
Matt S. & Evelyn will also be assisting when they can.

2. Popping crackling sound heard intermittently on hurricane hotline all  
night on Friday, 11/10.

1. ATCF Issue - Reykjavik was misspelled as Reykjavic as a geography  
reference point.

Mike Brennan fixed the spelling of Reykjavik in $ATCFINC/geography_al.dat  
and Craig Mattocks updated the repository.

2. N-AWIPS Issue - Pacific N-AWIPs rebooted, but still loading satellite  
images slowly, especially GOES-16.

TSB will investigate if this remains an issue. Please indicate workstation  
name in future shift log entries.

3. Windows PC Issue - Atlantic PC opening FF and GC web browsers very  
slowly, loads up web pages very slowly, and also won't load up some NHC  
WiKi weblinked URLs due to "unknown URls". MSWord also loads up very slowly.

Please open NCO Helpdesk ticket if these PC performance issues continue.  
TSB will follow up on Wiki URL issue.

4. ATCF Issue - Unable to enter genesis probs for EPAC systems; no issues  
with entering probs for ATLC systems. This issue was first logged on  
Friday, 11/10: When trying to log the TC genesis probabilities at 0600 UTC,  
the genesis area for E37 disappeared; tried to restart that genesis area,  
but it was not an option in the menu.

Team ATCF will investigate.
Other items:

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