[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Thu Mar 23, 2017

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Thu Mar 23 15:02:28 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig


1. NCF Trouble Ticket #126368 was closed after making a change to the  
localVTECpartners.py Python script and rebooting EDEX. No more VTEC hazard  
records are appearing for the NH1 and NH2 domains.

2. Yesterday's 18Z Atlantic/NH2 NWPS run only came in through 102 hours.  
TAFB verified that it was triggered out to the normal 168 hours (confirmed  
by the WRKNWA text bulletin), but for some reason only forecast results out  
to 102 hours (like the old default baseline NWPS) came in. The 18Z  
simulation was resubmitted and it ran successfully to completion.

Note: Doug Gaer and the NCEP/EMC Wave Modeling Group are increasing the  
size of the NWPS grid domains to match the RWPS grid domains so precise  
performance comparisons can be conducted between the two wave forecasting  
1. Reminder: there will be a test PSurge run at 15Z (11 am EDT) today,  
March 23 to test "parallel" PSurge DBNet product alerts (with a "_PARA"  
suffix added).
Other items:
1. Network outages due to implementation of RFC #3033 [routing changes for  
NHC to add Quality of Service/Virtual Routing and Forwarding (QoS/VRF)  
capability so the WFO-MIA and NHC networks can be combined]:

Despite assurances that there would be minimal risk to NHC, network quality  
began degrading yesterday morning. Outside connections thorough NHC's 176  
network became problematic, which impacted NHC's website and the uploading  
of surface maps to other National Centers. The problems were caused by a  
software bug in a Cisco router in Reston, VA, which had to be rebooted this  
morning. Service was restored at 10:25 am EDT this morning.

2. NESDIS' primary GOES-West satellite remapper system crashed at 1130Z  
yesterday due to an issue with the centralized login manager service.  
Service was restored 2 hours and 52 minutes later, at 1422Z. NHC will begin  
testing its local satellite ingest as a precaution over the next few days,  
so forecasters might see more dropouts than usual.

3. Update from TAFB Lead Forecaster Eric Christensen on generators:

There is a problem with power generator #2 that will require maintenance.  
Fuel is not flowing well from the “day tank” into the regular tank so it  
ran out of fuel and shut off. There is also a problem with the fuel sensors  
on that generator. William has called American Generator to come service th  
unit. NHC still has 2 out of 3 generators working, the minimum number  
required, so this situation is not considered an emergency.
1. NHC has issued a Public Information Statement (PNS) for the 2017 NHC  
Guidance Suite changes. See the PNS at:


Comments are being solicited through Thursday, March 23, 2017.

2. The PSurge implementation date is Tuesday, April 11. Because this is an  
on-demand model, there is no formal 30-day evaluation. NHC will initiate  
the test runs.

3. Modify the NCOSRV system to allow receipt of DBnet alerts from NHC for  
their kml files. The kml files will be hosted on NCOSRV and used by  
nowCOAST. There are no expected impacts to operations for this RFC. To be  
implemented on Thursday, March 27 at 1400Z (10 am EDT).

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