[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Fri Jun 23, 2017

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Fri Jun 23 14:52:40 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


1. GFE/NCP issues: GFE High-Seas Forceast formatter crashed numerous times  
for 05Z issuance. Make HS edit areas tool also crashed. TSB will  

2. N-AWIPS issues: The upper monitor of the Shiner workstation is blinking.  
Loose/broken monitor cable? NCO Help Desk ticket submitted.
1. Senior Hurricane Specialist Mike Brennan rebooted the tilefish  
workstation this morning but it did not return to the log in screen. NCO  
Sysadmin Doug Gaer reinstalled the NVIDIA graphics driver to get the  
workstation back online. He will follow up to see why the driver wasn't  
installed with the last kernel patch.

2. ATCF issues: TSB Developer Craig Mattocks fixed a small error in the  
alignment of the wind radii values in the TCM (Forecast Advisory). Mike  
Brennan tested and approved the software patch, which will be installed on  
the operational ATCF servers later today. This patch also includes adjusted  
4- and 5-day track and intensity error estimates by CPHC in case NHC needs  
to provide operational backup.

3. Robert Garcia from WFO Miami notified HSU that they are now getting FAA  
radar data from Guantanamo in their AWIPS system. This would be useful for  
HSU to have in our AWIPS as well, and he suggested talking to Joe Maloney  
for the necessary info. TSB AWIPS II Sysadmin Chris Mello will investigate  
next week.
Other items:
1. NHC's GRB West GWSAS NAS [from yesterday's SDM log]:
1908Z - Salim Leyva wrote the following email to the OMB SS: There seems to  
be an issue with NHCs GRB GWSAS NAS, the unit seems somewhat sluggish and  
it looks like it was rebooted 7 days ago, that does not seem right. The  
unit is pingable as shown below, SSHing to seemed to have stopped working  
creating stale SSH processes shown in the last listing below.

2. Hurricane Hotline Static [from yesterday's SDM log]:
1344Z - Bruce from WFO State College called. They are experiencing static  
issues on the hurricane hotline and they would like someone to try to  
address this ASAP. The SDM will try to find someone to notify to address  
this issue. Sent email to Dawit Kebede to try to address this or pass this  
along to someone who could address it.

1. ARFC - The CARCAH unit needs to connect to a chat server managed by the  
NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC) in Lakeland, FL, but are unable to  
because of an apparent firewall exclusion. This issue was escalated to  
Steven Deputy, Chief of Networks and Security Branch at NOAA. AOC's John  
Hill has submitted a Firewall Request form and an accelerated RFC has been  
approved to modify the firewall rules to allow these connections.

2. RFC 3430 - New Hurricane Hotline: The subnet hosting the Cisco Call  
Manager is being blocked by route filters in Reston and Orlando. The  
Hurricane Hotline equipment recently installed at NTWC will not be  
operational until this subnet is shared with the Alaska Region. This was  
implemented on June 19 at 1800Z but the RFC is remaining open while  
troubleshooting is ongoing.

Post-CWD (Critical Weather Day) Implementations:

3. RFC 239 - Update the N-AWIPS workstation FVWM (F virtual window manager)  
config files for the TAFB operational accounts (surface, atlmar, pacmar) to  
pipe legacy Gempak script output to the /usr/bin/tee command and write to  
log files. The legacy TAFB Gempak scripts do no generate log files, which  
makes it challenging to track down problems. This change will facilitate  
troubleshooting. Was to be implemented on June 19 at 1500Z; postponed due  
to CWD; new implementation date is Monday, June 26 at 1500Z (11 am EDT).

4. RFC 241 - Implement several enhancements to the TAFB 'low bandwidth'  
graphical marine forecast webpages, including addition of intermediate 12  
hourly time steps, image labeling and web viewer improvements, domain  
adjustments, etc. Modify sfcprog launch and surface analysis web to create  
new 12 hourly/intermediate low bandwidth web images on adjusted forecast  
sub-domains; update javascript viewer on NHC website to view forecast grid  
images. Was to be implemented on June 20 at 1600Z; postponed due to CWD;  
new implementation date is Monday, June 26 at 1600Z (noon EDT).

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