[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Wed Jun 21, 2017

TSB Admin nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov
Wed Jun 21 16:01:27 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


1. GFE/NCP problems: No 09z pre-wind speed probabilities despite Matt  
Sardi's changes to the early WSP retrieval script (which runs on px2-nhcn)  
to pull them in at h+230 (10 minutes later than before to account for late  
file arrivals). The preTCM should have been available by 0743z when the WFO  
Worksheet was published and it appeared at that time in AWIPS as PREAT3 as  
well. Perhaps this is a problem restricted to 09z? TSB Developer Matt Sardi  
will continue investigating this issue.

2. GFE/NCP problems: Still no new RWPS (Regional Wave Prediction System,  
based on WaveWatch III model) results in GFE/D2D. TSB Developers Matt Sardi  
and Craig Mattocks will investigate.

3. Potential Tropical Cyclones are labelled as simply 'CYCLONE' in the  
Danger graphics. TAFB Branch Chief Hugh Cobb has requested that this get  
changed to 'Potential Tropical Cyclone'. Since the label is set in legacy  
Gempak code, the simplest way to address this is via post-processing in the  
parent Danger Perl script. TSB Developer Matt Sardi will work on  
implementing this solution.

4. Other issues: Security Camera display in both TAFB and MFL ops areas  
only showing 4 out of 10 cameras. An NCO Help Desk ticket ticket opened by  
TAFB forecasters.
1. When running the National TCV, HSU is getting a warning that the  
advisory number increment is not increasing, however the advisory number  
they enter matches the correct advisory. HSU should ignore the warning for  
now and transmit the TCV. Perhaps someone checked the  
wrong "intermediate/routine" button at some point and now the internal  
increment tracking is off? Update: This problem no longer occurs in the  
most recent issuances of the TCV.

2. Other Techincal issues: Core FTP software is crashing on Atlantic desk  
PC. Sr. Hurricane Specialist Mike Brennan submitted an NCO Help Desk  
ticket. NCO on-site Windows Sysadmin Kim Gordon has requested more  
information so she can test and troubleshoot this issue.

3. Other Techincal issues: Firefox and Chrome web browsers appear to be  
locking up and crashing on the Atlantic Desk PC on the HSU ops floor. NCO  
Help Desk ticket submitted. NCO on-site Windows Sysadmin Kim Gordon will  
reinstall these web browsers.
Other items:
1. When there is a technical problem, forecasters are urged to send screen  
shots (from a computer, cell phone camera, or other device) to TSB to help  
IT personnel troubleshoot the problem.

2. Doug Gaer updated the IP Table rules on NHC's operational compute  
servers (nhc-lx-comp01 and comp03) to allow access from WCOSS, but the  
firewall rules keep getting clobbered/over-written by old default rules  
stored in a Git repository and applied by a Puppet configuration management  
server at NCO. This results in connection time outs. Doug is working with  
the network engineers at NCO to try to resolve this problem. Legacy  
targeting application output (for designing flight track patterns and  
dropwinsonde releases) will remain unavailable on comp01 until a solution  
is implemented.

3. The ingest of 00Z GFS 0.25 deg model output was very slow last night.  
Hopefully, next week's 5x bandwidth upgrade, scheduled for Wednesday, June  
28, will remedy this.

4. NCO Linux Sysadmin Doug Gaer has set up a directory on the NetApp  
(shared network storage server) so CARCAH can share its /home/gsgraph ouput  
with the Windows PCs on the HSU ops floor.

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