[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Tue Jun 20, 2017

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Tue Jun 20 14:24:54 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Mark


The early WSP run did show up at 0900 UTC, but has worked at other times.  
This might be due to the time the pre-TCM is submitted, which needs to be  
on WCOSS by 45 min before advisory time.

There as been no Pacific/NH1 rWPS since 18z on 06/12 and no Atlantic/NH2  
rWPS since 12z on 06/15. Craig will investigate to determine if this is due  
to the expected outages due to the use of the WCOSS development system or  
if there are additional problems.

TAFB had collaboration chat issues overnight: HGX and CRP cannot see our  
chats but we can see theirs.

Forecasters had to manually enter Isla Margarita (Venezuela) as a  
geographical reference point in the 5 am advisory. Suggest adding a couple  
of reference points in northern South America, such as that island, to the  
ATCF. Craig will let us know whether this is an easy fix or if this will  
need to wait until the next major ATCF upgrade.

There were a number of issues with submitting the new National TCV Monday  
evening. These appear to be related to leftover table entries from storm  
surge testing. With help from TSB, NCF and Shannon White, those were  
cleaned out so we should be okay for the rest of AL03. The AWIPS developers  
are looking closer to see if software changes are needed to prevent this in  
the future. Matt Sardi and Chris Mello will need to do some clean up next  
week for the other storm bins after AL03 is completed. Shannon will provide  
instructions on how to do that.

Jack sent out National TCV after normal and intermediate advisories on PTC  
#3 early Tuesday morning. After the intermediate advisory at 0600 UTC, the  
WFOs at Slidell and lake Charles did not get their Hazards grids back until  
0645 UTC, so the National TCV could not be sent out until then. This is a  
significant issue, as the National TCV process could not be accomplished  
until we were well into the advisory cycle and thus was a distraction. This  
issue will be brought up with AFS when AL03 is over.
Other items:
Internal psurge runs were initiated by SSU late on Monday. Monica worked  
with SSU to provide instructions on how to run that. She is working on a  
GUI that will make the submission simpler, but we have a workaround for now.

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