[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Mon Jun 19, 2017

TSB Admin nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov
Mon Jun 19 13:16:23 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Mark


The early wind speed probability model has been available to TAFB for AL02  
except for the 9 UTC run early this morning. That may have been due to the  
timing of the pre-TCM. TSB will continue to monitor this issue.

TAFB reported a strange chat message in AWIPS on Saturday that appears to  
have come from OPC. No action will be taken unless this reoccurs.
The first ever advisory package for potential tropical cyclones was issued  
for AL02 over the weekend.

There was an error message when submitting the GTWO for AL02. That was due  
to a parsing error in the script, which Dave fixed.

Colombia (the country) was misspelled on the new TC graphics. Matt  
Onderlinde is correcting that.

Other items:
NHC's bandwidth upgrade originally planned for tomorrow (Tuesday, June  
20th) has been postponed due to the current tropical activity. This will be  
rescheduled for about 2 weeks from now.
RFC 237 – tc_graphics v1.0.9 – Implement minor fixes to the GIS processing  
to include additional metadata with the shapefiles. Adds "MH" as a storm  
type and the "SSNUM" field now has the proper Saffir-Simpson scale number  
for hurricanes. To be implemented on June 19 at 1200Z.

RFC 238 – 'xgtwo.pl' v2.1.2 - Add a polygon clickable link area to the East  
Pacific 5-day Outlook. The link takes a user to the CPHC 5-day Outlook.  
This was requested by FEMA so that the East Pacific page matches the  
functionality of the Atlantic page. To be implemented on June 19 at 1300Z.

RFC 239 - Update the N-AWIPS workstation FVWM (F virtual window manager)  
config files for the TAFB operational accounts (surface, atlmar, pacmar) to  
pipe legacy Gempak script output to the /usr/bin/tee command and write to  
log files. The legacy TAFB Gempak scripts do no generate log files, which  
makes it challenging to track down problems. This change will facilitate  
troubleshooting. To be implemented on June 19 at 1500Z.

RFC 240 – 'imgtyp.tbl' v20170614, 'enhance.tbl' v20170614 - Update  
the 'imgtyp.tbl' and 'enhance.tbl' in NAWIPS to include entries for the 13  
new GOES-16 RGBs that are already available in AWIPS2/D2D. To be  
implemented on June 19 at 1600Z.

RFC 241 - Implement several enhancements to the TAFB 'low bandwidth'  
graphical marine forecast webpages, including addition of intermediate 12  
hourly time steps, image labeling and web viewer improvements, domain  
adjustments, etc. Modify sfcprog launch and surface analysis web to create  
new 12

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