[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TAFB Shift Log -- Technical Edition -- Mon Jun 12, 2017

TAFB Shift Log nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 13 02:13:05 UTC 2017

TAFB Shift Log for Mon Jun 12 2017 22:12:59 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Shift: Swing Shift

Pacific Forecaster: J Aguirre-Echevarria

Atlantic Forecaster: S Stripling

Surface Analyst: C McElroy

Technical Issues Summary:

GFE/NCP issues:

N-AWIPS issues: Starfish briefly hung up again today at 1900Z as I loaded  
my first satellite spf. No action taken and all was fine for rest of shift.

Other issues: It has been suspected and reported many times that the  
custodial contractor is not putting our recycle materials in the recycle  
bins outside for WM to pick up. Tonight I inspected the dumpsters outside  
after he tossed everything out and our recycleables were in the dumpster  
with the trash and the recycle dumpsters were empty. This has been going on  
for quite some time but has yet to be resolved. He is waisting our efforts.

Miscellaneous issues:
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