[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Thu Jun 08, 2017

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Thu Jun 8 13:27:40 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Mark


The clocks on several TAFB N-AWIPS systems are a few minutes slow. Mark  
submitted an NCO helpdesk ticket to get this fixed.

Jorge call Matt Sardi last night to report that the pacsea.launch was  
failing to find the 00Z VGF file. Matt found that several text files  
dynamically created by the pacsea script were missing. The Atlantic  
forecaster (Scott) ran the 00Z Atlantic sea grid successfully, and there no  
reported sea state issues on previous shifts. As with most legacy Gempak  
scripts, logging is non-existent, however, when Matt created the missing  
text input files manually and re-ran pacsea.launch, it ran to completion.  
For now, Matt has modified the Pacific sea state N-AWIPS menu entries to  
write out log files (via 'tee' calls), so if subsequent shifts have similar  
issues we can hopefully track down the underlying issue.

Matt Sardi fixed the problem with (very) old map overlay in N-AWIPS. The  
map was left out of the baseline N-AWIPS when we did the recent upgrade.  
Matt will work with NCO to get the map background added to the baseline  
GEMPAK code.
The clocks on several HSU N-AWIPS systems are a few minutes slow. Mark  
submitted an NCO helpdesk ticket to get this fixed.

William did some repairs on the floor tiles by the HSU printers by swapping  
the tile braces and tiles from other parts of the building that don't have  
foot traffic. He is still working with NWS facilities to get funding for a  
complete raised floor replacement, but that will not be possible until next  
fiscal year. Mark will check with Jann to make sure this is an acceptable  
short-term solution.
Other items:
Lixion mentioned that the GFS and GFS-parallel downloaded much faster than  
usual last night, even though our bandwidth increase is still several weeks  
away. Mark checked with NCO and nothing was changed on our network  
configuration. Some changes were make on WCOSS recently, which may have  
impacted the download speeds.

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