[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Mon Jun 05, 2017

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Mon Jun 5 13:26:13 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Mark


Jeff powered down and restarted the cable boxes, which restored the cable  
TV connection. This was not an issue with the billing as first suspected.  
Mark verified with Patty that the cable bill is paid automatically.

The cumulus, ballyhoo and starfish N-AWIPS workstation continues to work  
well since the most recent configuration changes by NCO.

TSB meet with TAFB last Thursday to discuss the NWPS. We will no longer be  
able to run that on the sardine server because that was purchased with FEMA  
funds and storm surge needs to use it for their development. We worked out  
an interim transition plan that Hugh sent to TAFB. For the next few weeks  
TAFB will need to use RWPS when available, or late NWPS runs, which will  
run on the slower comp02 server. The NWPS is still trying to run on  
sardine, but failing so it has not been available at all the last few days.  
TSB will work towards disabling the submission to sardine and implementing  
in on comp02.

Mark elevated the problem with the floor tiles in the HSU area to Nick  
Oliveri from Southern Region. We have been told for more than a month that  
this will be addressed, but so far, nothing has happened. The option to  
replace the bad tiles with others that are not in the direct walking path  
is not viable because the issue is related to the braces that are under the  

Other items:
NHC's bandwidth is tentatively scheduled to be increased from 200 to 1000  
mbs on June 20th. There may be a few 5 to 10 min outages during the  
transition period, which is scheduled between 15:30 and 17:30 UTC. TSB will  
confirm with HSU and TAFB when the schedule is finalized. The plan includes  
a go/no-go decision the day before, based on the tropical weather situation.
RFC 236 – 'tafb_tweet.py' v1.1.0, 'tafb_tweet.csh' v1.1.0 - Add a new menu  
option to TAFB .fvwm menus on NAWIPS machines. This runs a script that  
launches a python gui from the NHC comp server. The gui allows a forecaster  
to post a short message that is tweeted on the NHC_TAFB twitter account and  
appears on the top of the NHC marine forecast webpage. The functionality  
was adapted from existing scripts used by the hurricane specialist unit for  
NHC_Atlantic and
NHC_Pacific. To be implemented on June 6 at 1200Z.

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