[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] QUESTION: TAFB Shift Log -- Technical Edition -- Wed Jul 19, 2017

Monica Bozeman - NOAA Federal monica.bozeman at noaa.gov
Thu Jul 20 13:11:16 UTC 2017

Hi Pablo,

Yes, they are referring to an NCO ticket. Many tickets are submitted each
day and many of them TSB doesnt necessarily need to know about or do
anything for (facilities, printers, etc) so there is a checkbox on the form
that the submitter can click on that is called "inform TSB" if they feel
that this ticket is something that TSB needs to keep track of. A majority
of the time, TSB will get notified (via the csg email - Im not sure if you
were added to that list or not) and sometimes we dont.

Trust me, most of the time, you dont want all these emails filling up your
inbox everyday! :) However, here is the link to the master spreadsheet that
includes a record of all the tickets submitted:

FYI, we also have a form for NCF tickets for AWIPS that I believe I also
added you on. Notification emails typically only go out to the affected
and/or submitting branch which the submitter can also control when they
fill out the NCF ticket form (
If TSB is the submitting branch, then we get notified via the csg email

It will probably be worth while for Mark to investigate if he can get you
added to this csg list.


Monica Bozeman
National Hurricane Center
monica.bozeman at noaa.gov

On Thu, Jul 20, 2017 at 12:33 PM, Pablo Santos <pablo.santos at noaa.gov>

> Guys:
> I just noticed the help desk ticket referenced below about replacing a
> black toner cartridge in the HSU color printer  CP5525 but I did not get
> copy of such a ticket. I assume they are referring to an NCO ticket?
> Clarification will be greatly appreciated for anyone that might know.
> Pablo
> On 7/19/17 2:44 PM, TAFB Shift Log wrote:
> *TAFB Shift Log for Wed Jul 19 2017 14:44:42 GMT-0400 (EDT)*
> *Shift:* Day Shift
> *Pacific Forecaster:* C McElroy
> *Atlantic Forecaster:* G Rubio
> *Surface Analyst:* J Aguirre-Echevarria
> *Technical Issues Summary:*
> *GFE/NCP issues:* 1055L - Both Atlantic and Pacific GFE workstations are
> frozen. Chris Mello is investigating. 1110L - NCF/Chris Mello found out
> Cupid Server crashed. Gladys lost her MIM and I lost sea height grid work
> on EP08. HSFEP2 was ultimately 46 minutes late.
> *N-AWIPS issues:*
> *Other issues:* 1440L - Just submitted a help desk ticket for replacing a
> black toner cartridge for the HSU color printer CP5525.
> *Miscellaneous issues:*
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