[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Mon Jul 10, 2017

TSB Admin nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov
Mon Jul 10 15:24:46 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


1. The grunt N-AWIPS workstation crashed during the looping of an SPF due  
to an apparent conflict with the ATCF and N-AWIPS. When calling up the ATCF  
in an Xterm window, use of the distance tool causes SPFs to crash. Also in  
ATCF - a return error code 13 (permission denied) pop-up appears when  
trying to list the compute data. NCO Linux Sysadmin Doug Gaer determined  
that these problems are caused by all the video RAM being consumed. There  
are replacement workstations on order that will add more video RAM. Until  
the video cards are upgraded or the workstations are replaced, the  
forecasters will have limit the number of SPFs loaded on grunt and shiner.

2. Large AWIPS-II/GFE monitor on Pacific Desk, connection (either cable or  
monitor itself) is going bad. When you adjust monitor height or depth,  
video feed drops off monitor. TSB AWIPS-II Sysadmin Chris Mello will  
replace the monitor cable to see if this fixes the problem.

3. Multiple problems with AWIPS-II collaboration software (locking up,  
crashing CAVE, logging out analysts) under several TAFB user accounts.  
Chris Mello will contact NCF about this issue.

4. Several TAFB forecasters' accounts in AWIPS-II have become corrupted  
(broken menus, etc.). Chris Mello will rebuild these accounts.
1. The wind arrival graphics are labelled as "Sun. Jul. 9, 2017" instead  
of "Mon. Jul. 10, 2017" for the 09Z issuance (advisory #11) of Eugene:


Wonder if it's related to the fact that now that Eugene has moved into the  
Pacific time zone, the wind speed probabilities for this cycle are  
initialized at 11 PM Sunday PDT (06 UTC), and the code is grabbing that  
date? TSB Developers Matt Onderlinde and Jeri Schwietert will investigate.
Other items:
1. Numerical model upgrades:

GFDL model discontinued on July 5, 2017:

ECMWF IFS model upgrade (cycle 43r3) on July 11, 2017:

GFS model upgrade to v. 14.0 at 12Z on July 19, 2017:

HWRF model upgrade on July 26, 2017:

HMON model operational on Aug. 1, 2017:

2. The GPFS filesystem split on WCOSS for Luna and Tide was completed over  
the weekend. Developers can now log in and adjust settings for hard-coded  
file pathnames (NHC accounts are now on /gpfs/hps3). These systems wil  
undergo a 24-hour parallel production test beginning Wednesday morning, at  
which time access will be restricted.
1. RFC 244 - DBNet, 'hmon_grb2gem' v1.3.1 - Add HMON model to NHC's DBNet  
parsing table to download domains d3 and d1 grib files, and add a call to a  
grib-to-gempak conversion script. This will follow the same path as the  
HWRF. Entries will also be added to the N-AWIPS tables so forecasters can  
view the data in real time. To be implemented on Tuesday, July 18 at 1300Z  
(9 am EDT).

2. RFC 3507 - wave_multi_2 v3.0.10 - Turn of the hurricane wave model  
driven by HWRF winds (aka wave_multi_2). The output will be replaced by  
HWRF with ww3 wave-coupling. To be implemented on Tuesday, July 11 at 1200Z  
(8 am EDT).

3. RFC 3515 – decod_dcacft v3.3.0 - The reconnaissance aircraft data  
decoder on WCOSS is being updated. The source code has been modified to  
properly process all the parameters contained in High Density Observation  
Bulletin (HDOB) aircraft data. The associated BUFR table (bufrtab.004) has  
been updated as well. The updated results are written to the b004/xx015  
BUFR tank of the NCEP observational database. To be implemented on  
Wednesday, July 12 at 1200Z (8 am EDT).

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