[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Wed Aug 30, 2017

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Wed Aug 30 12:41:00 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Pablo


1.) Psurge data for 09z advisory for Harvey did not come into D2D or GFE.  
Called NCF and opened TT #100320. *Displayed in D2D as TPCSurgeProbLoRes.  
Pablo contacted NCF Supervisor line this morning to find out status of  
this. They are working on it as of this writing.

2.) Both the Pacific/NH1 and Atlantic/NH2 NWPS has not "come in" to NAWIPS  
since August 23rd (a change was made that day somewhere?). They are listed  
as "nwps_al" and "nwps_ep" in NAWIPS. Please fix as this is useful for the  
12 ft sea calculations with ongoing TCs/Pot. TCs in both basins. Chris  
Mellow to follow up on this.
1.) una froze up shortly after the day shift left. Monica reboot the system  
and it seems to be working ok now.

2.) Issue with finalize hazard grid at 03z caused a delay in issuance of  
the TCV. Notified Pablo who talked Cody through procedure to revert the  
grid. Sent about 10 after. Update on this from Pablo: When Hazards grids  
are being edited by someone else (like SSU when they move the grids  
forward) GFE locks the grids until they are reverted or saved. If the HSU  
side runs FinalizeHazards in the interim, it detects the lock and it stops  
from running by design. The Hazard grids is meant to be edited only by  
FinalizeHazards. So best way to prevent this from happening is for SSU to  
not bother moving that grid forward in time when working on the inundation  
and ProposedSS grids. FinalizeHazards will take care of that when running.
Other items:
Video camera system is back and operational. Contractor will return later  
this week to put a higher end switch to prevent the frequent failures  
experienced over the past year.
See list of RFCS from Morning Round Ups Report sent on Monday 8/28. RFCs  
scheduled for today and tomorrow will be pushed back to after labor day or  
9/5 due to CWD being extended through Saturday.

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