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Christopher Mello - NOAA Federal christopher.mello at noaa.gov
Thu Aug 24 21:48:34 UTC 2017

Evening update...There was a problem in NAWIPS plotting the recon HDOBS. We
fixed it. The problem was a group of bad formatted OBS from the
1309A_NOAA2.  I removed the observations with the incorrect syntax
and the recon plots are updating again in NAWIPS.

Chris Mello

On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 6:57 AM, TSB Admin <nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov> wrote:

> Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
> --- Craig Mattocks
> ----------
> *TAFB:*
> *HSU:*
> 1. Phones still not forwarding. Hurricane Specialists have to walk from
> desk to desk since, for any given call, only one phone will ring. NCO and
> Verizon could fix this problem, but it would require taking the phones
> down, so this might have to wait HSU is no longer issuing advisories on TC
> Harvey.
> 2. Problems with the Mesoscale Domain Sectors (MDS) tool on VLab made
> requesting and cancelling GOES-16 products difficult. Eventually, a MESO-2
> request was approved from 0900Z to 2100Z Aug 24 for tracking Harvey for
> parts of coastal Texas. Note: VLab is not 24/7 supported or operational yet.
> *Other items:*
> 1. At 1 pm yesterday, NWS Tropical Services Program Leader Jessica Schauer
> reported that storm surge watches for TD Harvey were not posting on the
> Watch, Warnings, Advisories (WWA) map or Point and Click pages on
> weather.gov and digital.weather.gov. The SS.A (Storm Surge Watch) was
> only posting for one zone for TX Zone 247 (Port O'Connor to Port Aransas),
> instead of lighting up 13 zones from Port Mansfield to High Island, TX.
> WFO-BRO (Brownsville, TX) Hurricane Wind Threat Grids were also not
> posting. Just prior to 6 pm, she received assurances that these problems
> would be resolved soon.
> 2. Just after 5 pm Wednesday, it was discovered that the link to the KML
> (Keyhole Markup Language) file on NHC's Storm Surge graphic web page was
> broken. TSB Developer Matt Sardi investigated and devised two temporary
> workarounds, including copying the current KML file to which the GIS link
> points over to the Storm Surge graphic page. TSB Web Developer Dave
> Zelinsky determined that this was just a typo. He changed the KML link to
> the final operational site.
> *NHC RFCs:*
> 1. Make a change to allow the 'wpse' account to access opah.ncep.noaa.gov
> so WeatherPredict can obtain ATCF input data sooner than the public,
> generate the Florida State Super Ensemble (FSSE) tracker/forecast aid, and
> post it back to NHC with less latency. To be implemented on Wednesday,
> August 30 at 1500Z (11 am EDT).
> 2. Hide files in the gtcm (Gridded TCM) directory of NHC's FTP site, per
> NHC's request. The files will still be accessible via HTTP, and via FTP
> using the full paths. To be implemented on Monday, August 28 at 1415Z
> (10:15 am).

Chris Mello
National Hurricane Center
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