[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Mon Aug 21, 2017

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Mon Aug 21 13:10:19 UTC 2017

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


1. GFE/NCP issues: On Saturday, the swell formatter for PZ27 crashed during  
both attempts to create the Offshore Waters Forecast (OFF) product. TSB  
AWIPS II Sysadmin Chris Mello will investigate.

2. Other issues: TV display failure - Forecaster tried to power cycle one  
cable converter box, error message states to call provider. TSB will  
investigate and consult with TAFB on this issue. NCO Help Desk ticket  
submittted. NCO's Marc Laurent will take a look to determine whtether this  
is an internal technical issue then, if necessary, coordinate with Patty to  
call Comcast.
1. The AMSU size estimates (SGHWG) - once again - are not showing up in  
N-AWIPS for Hurricane Kenneth, despite several CIRA AMSU size estimates  
showing up in the ATCF f-decks. TSB Developer Jose Salazar, who ported the  
application from CIRA into NHC operations, will investigate.

2. The in-house version of the FSU/Genesis tool (with ECMWF tracker/aid) is  
not working properly - the Summary components for the NE Pacific were  
showing 00Z August 19th and everything else was correctly showing 12Z  
August 20th or 18Z August 20th. TSB will investigate.

3. The Guajira peninsula of Colombia was misspelled as "GUAJAIRA" peninsula  
(extra A after the J) in the reference location list. TSB Developer Craig  
Mattocks fixed this typo in the file ${ATCFINC}/geography_al.dat and  
committed the change to the ATCF git repository.

4. The main HSU printer is showing errors that the magenta and cyan  
cartridges are extremely low. Acting HSU Branch Chief Mike Brennan opened a  
NCO Help Desk ticket on Friday to get these two color cartridges replaced.

5. Other Techincal issues: Atlantic/Pacific desk phones aren't  
forwarding/being forwarded to properly, so all phones don't always ring.  
Acting HSU Branch Chief Mike Brennan opened a NCO Help Desk ticket on  

6. Miscellaneous issues: Introduced the remnants of Harvey into the TWO at  
06z Sunday, but GTWO will not allow the area to be shown until the "X" for  
Harvey gets removed 9 h after the last advisory issuance. Tried using Dave  
Zelinsky's "remove storm" command to see if it would remove "X" from front  
page graphic and TWO. It removed the storm box from the front page, but not  
the "X" on the front page graphic. The genesis area should appear after 12z  
this morning. TSB will investigate what needs to be modified in the code to  
remove the "X" from the graphic earlier after the last advisory for a storm  
has been issued.

7. Miscellaneous issues: On Saturday, Hurricane Specialist John Cangialosi  
noted that, after the GOES-16 meso sector for Harvey expired at 21Z, there  
would be no more requests honored for 29 hours because of 5-minute full  
disk testing.
Other items:
1. Two network accessible storage (NAS) disks failed on the NHCN AWIPS II  
system. NCF Trouble Ticket number 148419 and NetApp Case number 2007014952  
opened for two failed disks on nas2. NetApp will ship replacement disks to  

1. RFC 250 - 'key_messages.bash v1.0.0', 'wwgraph v2.0.2' - Add a check in  
the TC graphics driver for "Key Messages" in the TCD. If they are  
available, it prompts the user if they want to create a key messages  
graphic. The graphic is then posted to an experimental portion of the NHC  
website. To be implemented on Thursday, August 24 at 1800Z (2 pm EDT).

2. RFC 3641 - At the request of NHC, changes will be made to the  
DBNet 'parsing.tbl' on WCOSS to send alerts for HWRF data to nhc-dbn1awips  
for operational use within their AWIPS-II systems. To be implemented on  
Monday, August 21 at 1400Z (10 am EDT).

3. RFC 3647 - Create snapshot policies on the NHC NetApp for data and user  
partitions. The default snapshot policy is consuming disk space and CPU  
time for many partitions that contain volatile data. The user and data  
volumes have been identified and will need to be linked to new NHC snapshot  
policies. To be implemented on Tuesday, August 22 at 1300Z (9 am EDT).

4. RFC 3651 - An assessment of all Linux systems at NHC identified single  
points of failure for DNS and NTP services, where Linux systems are  
pointing to a single DNS and NTP server. To resolve this, NCO SAs will add  
the NCEP anycast DNS server to all DNS client configurations and add NCEP  
NTP servers to all NTP client configurations. To be implemented on  
Wednesday, August 23 at 1200Z (8 am EDT).

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