[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Fri Aug 18, 2017

Pablo Santos pablo.santos at noaa.gov
Fri Aug 18 14:29:34 UTC 2017


On AC Unit 3, William Martinez has been contacted and he is looking at 
that today.


On 8/18/17 10:19 AM, TSB Admin wrote:
> Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
> --- Monica
> ----------
> *TAFB:*
> AC Unit 3 in server room alarming showing failure temp 80F. TSB will 
> investigate.
> *HSU:*
> 1) The ridges workstation would not allow Lixion to do the graphics on 
> the intermediate advisory. It kept crashing (exiting NMAP2 with a bad 
> request error). He ended up doing the product from the backup 
> workstation. This is probably related to the graphics card issues (see 
> below), but TSB will keep a watch on it.
> 2) The phone system was upgraded yesterday and the NCO ticket has been 
> closed.
> *Other items:*
> 1) GOES-16 will be placed in continuous full disk mode for testing 
> August 19th (at 21Z) until the 21st (at 2Z), 2017 for approximately 29 
> hours. A full disk image will be distributed every 5 minutes in this 
> mode, and both the CONUS and Meso sectors will not be available.
> 2) A GOES-16 solar eclipse monitoring scan will be performed on August 
> 21st, from 1645-2000 UTC resulting in an outage for MESO-1. MESO-2 
> will still be available during this time.
> 3) Joe Zajic will be updating the GOES-16 processing code Monday 
> (8/21) morning. The switch should be transparent, but there may be a 
> minor outage for a few minutes.
> 4) Monitor upgrade work on the operations floor continues.
> 5) NAWIPS Workstations Video Card Upgrades: NCO has upgraded the TAFB 
> Pacific satellite workstation so far, additional upgrades are in the 
> works.
> *NHC RFCs:*
> None


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