[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Sat Sep 03, 2016

TSB Admin nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov
Sat Sep 3 14:55:07 UTC 2016

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


1. When logging into the N-AWIPS NWS collaboration chat software, the  
Atalantic workstation LX2 automatically defaults to username of "TAFB  
surface desk 2". It would seem logical for this user to be named "Atlc high  
seas" or "Atlc desk" so that other users will be able to properly identify  
us for coordination purposes. TSB AWIPS SysAdmin Chris Mello will  
1. Problems with the national TCV after canceling TS warnings. After  
today's 03Z advisory was issued, Hurricane Specialist Robbie Berg began  
preparing the national TCV. However, the cancellation of the TS Warning  
between Savannah River and Edisto Beach, which showed up fine in the  
operational TCV, did not appear on the national TCV text product (even  
though the zones were no longer highlighted on the map).

TSB AWIPS SysAdmin Chris Mello explained that this problem is due to a bug  
in the AWIPS software. The Proposed SS Hazard grid in operations is broken  
into segments and the expired SS Hazards causes the formatter to fail. He  
was able to create the national TCV after deleting all of the expired SS  
segments by right-clicking on them and then Finalizing the Hazards.

2. Just before 6 am (EDT) this morning, Hurricane Specialist Todd  
Kimberlain reported that the Pacific ATCF workstation was very slow and  
several windows froze up. This is probably because the ATCF is struggling  
with the large size of the A-decks for long-lived tropical cyclones: 1)  
Gaston - aal072016.dat, 30 MB in size, and 2) Hermine - aal092016.dat, 23  
MB in size.
Other items:
1. NHC/TAFB requested that GOES-E Rapid Scanning Operations (RSO) be  
extended to at least 06:14Z Tuesday, Sept. 6th due to TS Hermine.  
NESDIS/ESPC approved this request and extended the RSO 30 minutes beyond  
this period, until 06:44Z. The SDM notified NHC and sent a nous42 admin  
message to notify the field.

2. The ECMWF Operations Data Manager notified the SDM that, due to  
supercomputer problems, there would be a delay in the dissemination of  
ECMWF wave products for the 06Z cycle of the BC high-resolution forecast.  
The problems were resolved 15 minutes later. See the ECMWF service status  
web page for more information:


3. There was some confusion between NHC and OPC regarding whether a  
NWSchat/AWIPS-2 collaboration chat room named "stormsurgecollaboration"  
would be available and staffed by SSU personnel. Accounts and  
authorizations have not been fully implemented.

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