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Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks



1. At 1635 UTC yesterday, Senior Hurricane Specialist Mike Brennan  
requested a rerun of the wind speed probabilities on WCOSS after an Air  
Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft determined that  
tropical-storm-force winds extended significantly farther to the east of  
the center of Hermine than they did earlier. The job was submitted but  
became hung for unknown reasons and had to be rerun. It then ran  
successfully to completion.
Other items:
1. A user (Jill) at the Weather Company became confused about the headers  
for hurricane reconnaissance aircraft missions during Hurricane Hermine:


CARCAH's Warren Madden clarified that the recon headers were correct as  
sent, with 3 flight missions that flew into Hurricane Hermine during the  
time period in question: a tasked Air Force mission, a non-tasked NOAA P3  
research mission, and a second tasked Air Force mission. Per Warren, the  
NOAA flight mission proved problematic: "Because the NOAA mission was not  
tasked, its mission ID was not part of the sequential sequence for tasked  
missions into the storm (thus it was not NOAA3 1409A HERMINE). While in  
most cases the mission ID for non-tasked missions would have included the  
storm number (eg WX09A), this naming format is not a requirement but a best  
practice. Assignment of non-tasked mission IDs for NOAA P3 flights is the  
responsibility of NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center (AOC), and although we  
here at CARCAH endeavor to coordinate with them on mission IDs for  
non-tasked flights, in this case our focus was on the tasked missions into  

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