[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Wed Oct 05, 2016

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Wed Oct 5 13:12:24 UTC 2016

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Mark


The cumulus N-AWIPS workstation has been more stable since yesterday. If  
problems occur again be sure to report them in the TAFB shift log.

HSU reported that the TCM wind tool did not update automatically in TAFB  
after advisory composite was closed in the ATCF. Chris Mello will  
We have been having trouble with corrupted files in the ATCF, possibly  
caused by too many ATCF sessions being opened at once and the large size of  
the decks for Matthew. Please restrict ATCF sessions to those that are  
operationally needed. Monica sent instructions yesterday on how to view the  
guidance from the non-operational ATCF (atcfsvr2). Please use that method  
if you just want to view the guidance.

A percent symbol was used in the 5 AM TCD. Dave Zelinsky was able to edit  
the file manually to correct the problem.

The hurricane watch region was not properly deleted by the forecaster in  
the nmap2 application when it was replaced with a warning. Please remember  
that in the nmap2 watch/warning GUI, you must delete watch segments when  
they are replaced by a warning segment. In other words, if you want to  
replace a hurricane watch with a hurricane warning for a portion of the  
watch area, you must delete the portion of the watch that covers the new  
warning area. If you do not delete this, both segments will be converted  
into polygons in the GIS version of our warnings, and it may also cause  
problems with the TCV formatter.

The TCV formatter does not always cancel a tropical storm or hurricane  
watch when they are replaced by a hurricane warning for a portion of the  
coast. TSB is working with NCO on a solution, but that will not be ready  
until next season.

Patty is working on replacing the cable box for the HSU Atlantic desk TV.
Other items:
TSB began expanded support (5 AM to midnight) for Hurricane Matthew as of  
this morning. Below is the schedule through Sunday if needed.

Wed Oct 5 0500-1330 Dave Zelinsky
Wed Oct 5 1600-2400 Matt Sardi

Thu Oct 6 0500-1130 Dave Zelinsky
Thu Oct 6 1600-2400 Matt Sardi

Fri Oct 7 0500-1330 Dave Zelinsky
Fri Oct 7 1600-2400 Matt Sardi

Sat Oct 8 0500-1330 Dave Zelinsky
Sat Oct 8 1600-2400 Monica Bozeman

Sun Oct 9 0830-1700 Chris Mello
Sun Oct 9 1600-2400 Monica Bozeman


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