[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Fri Nov 25, 2016

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Fri Nov 25 16:23:10 UTC 2016

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


1. No issues with incorrect product status information for the Atlantic  
Offshore Waters Forecast ("OFF", FZNT23-KNHC) appearing in the NHC product  
tracker (http://www2.nhc.noaa.gov/dataflow/frames.html).

1. The 'ridges' N-AWIPS workstation at the HSU Atlantic desk was missing a  
network mount point to the observation directory ($OBS) on NHC's NetApp,  
which prevented access to station data in the NWX application ("ERROR  
scanning directory '/ldm2/decorders/hrly'). An urgent NCO Help Desk ticket  
was submitted. NCO Linux SysAdmin Curt Steinmetz discovered that there was  
a missing symbolic link to /ldm2. He created the link and Senior Hurricane  
Specialist Lixion Avila confirmed that this corrected the problem.

2. Otto AL -> EP basin-crossing issues:

a) The Atlantic version of Otto was copied to storm ID AL56 before 06Z, but  
the renumbering of AL16 to EP22 in the ATCF GUI failed with an error saying  
that EP22 already existed (it did not). As a workaround, Senior Hurricane  
Specialist Mike Brennan started EP22 as a new storm, then copied the decks  
and renumbered them manually.

b) Discontinuous/broken TC graphics on web. TSB Developer Matt Onderlinde  
discovered that, if you select any of the graphics archive links at:


such as "5-Day Track Forecast, Uncertainty Cone, and Watch/Warning":


you'll see that there is no track history for Otto's previous lifetime in  
the Atlantic basin - the graphics begin with Otto's first advisory in the  
East Pacific basin. TSB is investigating whether this can be fixed by  
simply copying all of the AL16 files to EP22 (and all subsequent EP22 files  
to AL16) on NHC's web servers or, additionally, copying/linking files in  
the ${ATCFSTRMS} and ${ATCFARCHIVES} directories on atcfsvr1 to create a  
continuous cross-basin track history.

3. GOES satellite data were not available for the 06Z SHIPS run for Otto as  
EP22 because the storm was located too far to the east (at 86.4W). TSB  
Chief Mark DeMaria will address this issue in the 2017 implementation of  
SHIPS by using GOES-east instead of GOES-west data for EP tropical cyclones  
east of a specified longitude. The current version of SHIPS just uses the  
storm ID to decide which satellite's imagery to use.

4. Guidance submission from ATCF to WCOSS for Otto timed out on the first  
try. It worked on the second try. This was probably due to the time it  
takes to process the grib (gridded binary) files on WCOSS, which causes the  
initial job to exceed the wall clock time limit.
Other items:
1. Interesting discussion on the valuable data the hurricane reconnaissance  
aircraft are providing for the analyses and forecasts of Hurricane Otto:


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