[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Tue Nov 22, 2016

TSB Admin nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov
Tue Nov 22 14:20:46 UTC 2016

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


1. The early Wind Speed Probabilities for TS Otto did not arrive in AWIPS.  
TSB Chief Mark DeMaria verified that the early WSP ran successfully on  
WCOSS, with output in the /com/nhc/para directory. TSB is investigating why  
the script that transfers the data failed.

2. TS Otto's name could not be moved on the Pacific Danger Graphic. There  
is an area between 80W and 100W that appears on both graphics. TSB  
Developer Matt Sardi is investigating to find a solution.

3. NCO Windows SysAdmin Kim Gordon was able to clear a large PowerPoint  
document from the print queue on the TAFB HP color laser printer. This old  
printer has a very small amount of RAM memory (128 MB). Rather than  
spending money to add more RAM, NHC may want to consider purchasing a new  
color printer to replace it.

4. Update on TAFB forecasters' back up of CPHC yesterday, when connections  
for all Alaska and Pacific Region forecast offices went down on the AWIPS  
WAN (wide area network) during network maintenance. Communications were  
restored at 17:33 UTC (12:33 pm EST) and Honolulu assumed responsibility a  
few minutes later.
1. The NRL Tropical Cyclone web page became inaccessible after about 02 UTC  
(9 pm EST), at about the same time a 30-minute failure occurred in the NAVO  
(Naval Oceanographic Office) network circuit. Around the same time, the  
FNMOC TC web page that had been down for several days was updated with new  
satellite imagery.

2. Senior Hurricane Specialist Mike Brennan received a call from the TOC  
(Telecommunication Operations Center) in Silver Spring, MD at 5:35 am EST,  
saying they detected an alert that the TCMAT1 (Atlantic forecast  
advisory) "was sent but not received within 30 minutes". Mike told them  
that the TCM made it to NHC's AWIPS system and website without any  
problems. The TOC wasn't sure why they received this false alarm on their  
Other items:
1. The network outage yesterday, when both of NHC's Century Link internet  
circuits went down, was caused by an upgrade to one of the lines. The  
network was supposed to automatically fail-over to the secondary line but  
that did not work properly. Once the circuits were rerouted through  
Orlando, communications were restored. This issue has been resolved so this  
should not happen the next time a circuit is upgraded. The outage was not  
related to the new Hurricane Hotline test.

2. NCO is tentatively planning a WCOSS production switch from the Orlando,  
FL (Gyre + Surge) supercomputers to the Reston, VA (Tide + Luna)  
supercomputers on December 1st.
1. Output from the upgraded ECMWF model has started flowing to NCEP today  
beginning with the 06 UTC cycle. For details on the upgrade, see:


The IFS Cycle 43r1 upgrade includes changes in data assimilation (both in  
the EDA and the 4DVAR), new cloud and freezing diagnostics, a new  
direct-beam solar radiation diagnostic and new significant wave height  
parameters at different period ranges to help with the detection of  
low-frequency ocean wave energy. There is also a major upgrade to the  
dynamical ocean model (NEMO) - the resolution has increased to 0.25 degrees  
and 75 layers, plus an interactive sea-ice model (LIM2) has been  

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