[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] HSU Shift Log -- Technical Edition -- Sat May 28, 2016

Christopher Mello - NOAA Federal christopher.mello at noaa.gov
Sat May 28 18:19:45 UTC 2016

Current RSO data does not exist in either NAWIPS or AWIPS2. An old version
of those files from January keeps reingesting into the system, so it
appears to be an upstream data flow issue. The configuration has not
changed inside AWIPS or NAWIPS regarding the naming conventions or file id
(area number 5931 and 5932).
>From the sql logs
Last ingest time Today 5932
 2016-05-28 18:06:33.618

Data inside file..reference time
2016-01-08 10:00:00

I will check the sat server ingest configurations for any changes around


On Sat, May 28, 2016 at 1:59 PM, HSU Shift Log <nhc.tsbadmin at noaa.gov>

> *HSU Shift Log for Sat May 28 2016 13:59:49 GMT-0400 (EDT)*
> *Shift:* H
> *Forecaster:* T Kimberlain
> *Technical Issues Summary:*
> *ATCF issues:* TAFB and SAB satellite fixes did not import at first, but
> eventually came in. Quite delayed.
> *N-AWIPS/AWIPS2 issues:* see below
> *Other Techincal issues:* Requested RSO data, and apparently the data are
> available but we are not able to access them in N-AWIPS. We were told that
> we could access them in AWIPS, but we weren't able to find them there
> either. Perhaps something has changed between last season and this one?

Chris Mello
National Hurricane Center
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