[Ncep.nhc.nco_contacts] TSB Morning Rounds - Mon Mar 21, 2016

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Mon Mar 21 13:16:51 UTC 2016

Here is today's summary of NHC computer operations:
--- Craig Mattocks


1. Regarding the lack of access from NHCN LDAD (ls1-nhcn) to TAFB's three  
primary web servers: Kyle Nevins from NCO is following up on the web  
transfer issue that will allow TSB to finish Andy Latto's project.

2. We are waiting on a new server from Unisys to re-establish the feed of  
radar data into NAWIPS. The old server had a disk failure.

Other items:
1. There will be a possibility of missing GOES-W data for about an hour  
today starting at about 20:30 UTC (4:30 PM EDT) due to satellite  
maintenance by NESDIS. There may be some lingering navigation issues for  
about 2 days after that.

2. A bad ADPUPA upper-air report from weather station 17095 in Erzurum,  
Turkey (http://weather.gladstonefamily.net/site/17095?) caused yesterday's  
12 UTC GDAS + GFS simulation to fail. This station was added to the "reject  
list" by the SDM to prevent a recurrence of this problem.
1. RFC #1793 - WCOSS Dataflow v2.3.0, NCOSRV Dataflow v2.16.0 - The DBNet  
software on WCOSS and NCOSRV is being modified to begin pulling  
NHC-generated input wind grids for the Nearshore Wave Prediction System  
(NWPS). These files will be stored in /dcom on WCOSS. To be implemented on  
March 22 at 1200Z.

2. RFC #160 - Add scripts to generate gifs of TAFB surface analysis and  
wind/wave grids and send them to the NHC web servers. Add a javascript  
viewer on NHC's website to view the grids. Implemented on March 7 at 1700Z,  
but testing revealed a networking error not present on the test servers. A  
ticket was opened with NCO to correct this issue. New implementation date  
is TBD.

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